Rosewood Furniture Choose Tips
2010-09-14 03:53:51
Today, so many people will choose Rosewood Furniture (a certain kind of solid wood furniture), especially Chinese rosewood furniture shown at this Chinese solid wood furniture store- They often ask for useful tips on choosing good quality rosewood furniture. Choosing rosewood furniture, we suggest you take below four aspects into consideration.

1. Wood Quality
When choosing rosewood furniture, you should evaluate the wood quality of the furniture. For example, Padauk and Rosewood are clarified as high quality and rare timber. These kinds of wood have high and solid quality with nice grains. They are shiny and smoothly. They are not easy to be corroded and scratched. They are the major materials for high quality rosewood furniture.

However, some kinds of woods such as pine and banyan are soft. They are easy to be scratched and change shape. They will rot down by moth sooner or later. Therefore you should evaluate the wood by its color, grain, density and smell carefully.


chinese rosewood furniture


2. Wood Grain

Those high quality woods such as padauk and rosewood have nice and clear grains with beautiful patterns. Their cutting surfaces are smooth and tight. While the grains of the low quality wood such as pine's and banyan's are mess and irregular. Their cutting surfaces are rough and loose. When choosing rosewood furniture, you should not only check the wood of the bottom but also evaluate the nature and the grains of the wood, so that you can avoid misleading.


3. Handicraft

Rosewood furniture should appear the natural color of the wood with nice grains. The general model of the furniture should be harmonious and the craft of the furniture should be exquisite. You can appreciate the general artistic of rosewood furniture from the following three aspects:


a. Carpentry

The furniture should have regular appearance and firm structure. The tenon of connection should be connected tightly without flaw. The surface should be smooth and flat. The drawers and doors should work smoothly and freely.


b. Carving

The carving design should be nice with clear arrangement. The carving line should be even and exquisite. The contour should be symmetry with smooth surface.


c. Painting

The painting on the surface should be even and smooth without any spot. Do not choose those furniture with different thickness, rough and uneven painting. When touching the painting it should be smooth without rough. Notice the bottom and inner side of the furniture, they should be painted smoothly all over. Otherwise it may split easily.


rosewood furniture_dresser


4. Water Content of the Wood

All solid wood will expand and contract a little with temperature changes.The water content of the wood is a key factor for choosing rosewood furniture. It is because that if the rosewood had not been treated by drying process or did not reach the required water content standard, the furniture made of which can not adapt the variation of the weather and will shrink, split or become loose easily. Moreover the painting will fall off and its color becomes fade and moldy. The national standard of the water content is 15%. In some dry areas, it required lower than 15%.


By using the above four tips that are most important when choosing rosewood furniture, you will find the right piece of high-end furniture.




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